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Nevada Auto Tracking Law Passed

Nevada legislature has passed a new law requiring vehicle sellers to inform buyers about the tracking feature of OnStar systems.  OnStar systems are installed in over 50 General Motors vehicle models, providing a GPS tracking system to help drivers reach their destination, avoid getting lost and contact help in the event of an emergency.  This system, also called the vehicle “black box” has the ability to record the vehicle’s speed, seatbelt use, and brake performance in the event of an accident.

Many Nevada consumers are happy about the new auto tracking law.  They worry that the OnStar recording device could be used to prosecute drivers in court, should the system track speeding or the details of an auto accident.  Consumers feel it is only right that people should be informed of this OnStar feature before purchasing a vehicle.

Some vehicles are already in compliance with the new Nevada auto law, such as the Cadillac STS and XLR.  The owner’s manuals for these vehicles inform consumers about the features of the OnStar system.  Now all sales of vehicles equipped with OnStar will require discloser of the system’s tracking features.  This law is intended to protect consumer’s privacy and adequately inform car owners about the tracking of their vehicles.