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Category Archives: Product Liability

Defective Drug Lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Are Prescription Medications Adversely Affecting Your Health? Prescription medications can cause serious injury or death.  A prescribed medication can be unreasonably dangerous when used as intended, in other words: “a defective product”.  Prescriptions can be negligently filled or dispensed by a pharmacy.  When medications are overly or improperly prescribed, Medical Malpractice might have occurred…. Read More »

GM Settles Faulty Ignition Cases with Victims and US Government

A faulty ignition switch in certain Chevrolet Cobalts and other small General Motors (GM) cars is known to have caused at least 124 deaths and over 300 injuries beginning in the early 2000s. In 2014, the company recalled more than 26 million vehicles. On September 17, 2015, GM announced that it had settled approximately… Read More »

Balcony Collapse Injures Six, Landlord Held Liable

Approximately 6,500 people have been injured in balcony accidents since 2003, with just 29 deaths being reported. This number includes the six students in Berkley, California who recently died from multiple blunt injuries in a collapsing balcony incident. The landlord who owns the property is being held responsible for the balcony being in a… Read More »

Woman Poisoned By Caramel Apple Brings Product Liability Suit

In late 2014, a woman in Sacramento brought suit against the makers of a brand of caramel apples, as well as the store that sold the apples, after she was hospitalized for a month with listeria poisoning. The woman was hospitalized on November 8, 2014. After learning of the poisoning, the apples’ maker did… Read More »

Learning From the McDonald's “McLawsuit”

Over 20 years ago, on February 27 1992, 79 year old Stella Liebeck ordered and received a $0.49 cup of coffee from a McDonald’s drive-thru – and it was an event that would change the landscape of product liability lawsuits forever. While the case was touted by some (such as ABC News) as “the… Read More »

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