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Overloaded Trucks in Las Vegas

overloaded trucksOverloaded trucks and trailers are a serious problem on roads and highways in the Las Vegas area and across the United States. A major cause of highway accidents, overloaded trucks such as semi-trailers and logging trucks can overturn, fail to stop on time, or get out of the truck driver’s control. Thousands of fatalities and severe injuries have been traced directly to overloaded trucks, and the Las Vegas truck accident attorneys at the offices of Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith have seen the damages first-hand.

Overloaded Trucks and Trailers Should Not Be on the Road

Overloaded and improperly loaded trucks shouldn’t be on our roads. However, the economic pressures to overload the cargo of a truck, or to quickly (but inadequately) secure a truck’s load have resulted in the presence of many heavy trucks on the road among smaller, more vulnerable vehicles. Truck drivers are under pressure to move as much cargo as they can to its destination at the earliest possible point in time, and overloading a truck or trailer is one means to accomplish this.

Too Many Vehicles on the Roads

Making matters worse, Las Vegas’ and all of Nevada’s populations have exploded in the past 20 years, and the increase in residents and the goods that they need has resulted in highway congestion. When our streets and freeways are packed with cars, SUVs, light trucks and large trucks, the overloaded trailers and trucks have even more potential to injure and kill innocent people. Overloaded trucks are a clear danger, but they have not yet been eradicated by state or federal truck safety regulations.

Debris and Cargo Flying Off of Overloaded Trucks

Logs, debris, and other types of cargo on or in a large truck have injured innocent drivers and passengers of other vehicles when they have fallen or flown off the trucks and their trailers. Even at relatively low speeds, an object that falls off of a truck may hit a vehicle behind it and go through its windshield at a speed high enough to kill the front-seat occupants.

Rollovers, Failure to Stop Soon Enough

In addition, an overloaded truck is difficult to control and maneuver, and even more difficult to stop once it is moving at highway speeds. Rollovers of large trucks that were overloaded or improperly loaded are common. Overloads may also contribute to truck accidents in which additional factors such as bad weather and a fatigued driver create the “perfect storm” for a serious crash.

Talk to a Truck Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

If your injury may have been due to an overloaded truck, discuss the circumstances of your case with an experienced truck accident attorney at our firm. We can protect your legal rights and advance your interests. Call our experienced Las Vegas truck accident lawyer at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith today at 702-228-2600 to schedule a free consultation.

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