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Las Vegas Delivery Driver Accident Lawyers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, there are nearly 1.5 million delivery drivers employed throughout the United States.

Like most communities throughout Nevada and across the country, our Las Vegas residents rely on delivery drivers for many reasons. Whether it is furniture or appliance deliveries from big box stores or packages from Amazon, delivery drivers bring retailers directly to our doors seven days a week.

With this convenience comes liability. As more delivery drivers continue to enter the workforce to meet the demand for to-your-door services in Clark County and beyond, more traffic crashes can occur between the delivery drivers and other vehicles on our roadways.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a delivery driver, our Las Vegas Delivery Driver Accident Lawyers at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith can help you determine who is liable for the crash, and which insurance company should be pursued for your injuries and other damages.

Who is Responsible for My Injuries After a Collision with a Delivery Driver in Nevada?

If you have been involved in a crash with a negligent driver who is employed by a corporate delivery company, grocery or pharmacy, restaurant or bar at the time of the collision, you may be able to seek financial recovery from both the driver and the company’s insurance providers.

Popular delivery services include:

  • Amazon
  • Big box retailers
  • Courier companies and services
  • Door Dash
  • FedEx
  • Grocery stores
  • Grub Hub
  • Hardware stores
  • Instacart
  • Liquor stores
  • Pizza chains
  • Postmates
  • Private companies
  • Uber Eats
  • UPS
  • USPS

What Happens If a Las Vegas Delivery Driver Crashes into My Vehicle?

If you are hurt in an collision with a delivery driver and can remain at the scene to gather some information, it is important to do so. If you are severely injured, seek medical care immediately.

If you can remain at the scene of the collision:

  • Record the delivery driver’s complete information, which includes their license, registration, insurance information, and employer information
  • Take pictures of the collision and the crash scene
  • Contact the local authorities to ensure a police report is filed
  • Seek medical care right away for your injuries

After reviewing your case, our Las Vegas delivery driver accident attorneys will establish whether the driver, the delivery company or both can be held financially responsible for your crash and its injuries.

Can I Pursue the Delivery Driver for My Injuries and Financial Recovery?

If a negligent delivery driver caused your collision and injuries, he or she can be pursued for your financial recovery.

Delivery drivers, like all drivers in Nevada, must carry the minimum collision coverage mandated by law.

In the State of Nevada, the vehicle insurance requirements are:

  • Bodily injury per person: $25,000
  • Bodily injury per collision: $50,000
  • Property damage: $20,000

If the delivery driver’s insurance coverage is not enough to cover your injury expenses, our Las Vegas delivery driver accident attorneys can pursue the company for the balance of the damages.

What Type of Insurance Coverage Does a Delivery Company Carry?

Before our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers can pursue the delivery company for your injuries, we must prove the driver was actively working when the collision occurred.

Most food delivery services, including Door Dash and Grub Hub carry up to $1 million in insurance coverage on behalf of their companies and drivers.

Larger corporations like FedEx and UPS carry up to $5 million in insurance coverage that can be pursued if their driver was negligent in causing a collision with another driver, pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcyclist who sustained serious injuries.

Each of these insurance limits can be pursued when their driver’s personal insurance coverage has been exhausted.

At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our Las Vegas delivery driver attorneys will review the facts of your case and explore the best financial recovery approach available for your unique case.

How Can Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith Help Me Pursue Financial Recovery?

Each delivery service has different insurance coverage, which will be complicated the moment the insurer becomes involved after the collision. The insurance company’s goal is to deny the claim immediately and place the liability on the driver.

At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our Las Vegas vehicle collision attorneys will investigate your crash, your injuries, and your overall financial recovery needs to pursue the best legal outcome available.

That could mean negotiating your claim with the delivery service’s insurance company outside the courtroom or pursuing the maximum amount before a judge and jury when negotiations fail to deliver the outcome you deserve.

Call Our Las Vegas Delivery Driver Accident Attorneys Now for A Free Consultation

If you have been injured in a collision with a delivery driver in Nevada, contact our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith today at 702-228-2600 to schedule a free consultation and discuss solutions for your case.


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